For speakers

If you are reading this article, you are going to give a talk at our conference. We would really like the talk to be successful: technically advanced, vibrant and memorable.


Please, disсuss the details of your transfer with Andrei Dmitriev in advance:

  • Russian Visa (if needed)
  • Arrival & departure dates
  • Flight tickets
  • Hotel

When preparing the talk

  1. The most important thing is to come up with the goal of your talk. Please, keep it in mind when preparing and giving your talk.
  2. You'll have 60 minutes to give your talk including questions & answers. Please reserve 10 minutes for Q&A session.
  3. When your slides are done, please send them to us as a PDF file. The sooner the better but no later than two days before the Conference day. We'll need it for a backup laptop.
  4. Please, make sure the title of your talk corresponds to its content. In case of a mismatch, please change it.
  5. From our point of view, the most important features of a talk are:
    • Practical applicability
    • relevance
    • technical depth
    • simple examples
    • clarity
    • speaker's presentation skills on stage
  6. Important things concerning your presentation:
    • Ratio: 16x9 only!
    • Slide numbers
    • Font should be large, so your text and listings could be seen from the last row
    • Color schemes should be contrast
    • Include your contact information: email, twitter, blog etc on one of the slides.
    • Slides should not be overloaded.
      • Slides only help you to deliver the information.
      • The primary tool used to deliver the information is your voice and body language
  7. Don't be surprised in case we ask you to have a rehearsal of your talk. This may happen a couple of months before the Conference in the following cases:
    • we'd like to adopt your talk in such a way that it would better fit to the topic of our conference and to the expected audience
    • there are more talks than time slots and we'll have to decide which ones to pick
    • we'd like you to adjust some particular details of your talk or presentation
  8. Please decide whether you'd like to use your own laptop for the presentation or our one.
    • In the latter case — please provide your slides in PDF in advance. If you use PPT, PPTX, HTML, Keynote etc. — please convert it to PDF and send us
    • If you prefer to use your laptop — please inform us on the following:
      • What is the model of your laptop (vendor & model)?
      • Which Operating System does it have?
      • Which video connectors does it have? We need one of the following: HDMI, D-Sub (VGA), Mini DisplayPort (MiniDP, Thunderbolt) but HDMI is preferable.
  9. Equipment:
    • We provide the following equipment: a backup laptop, presenter (Logitech R700 or like), wireless microphone, wireless headset, Full HD projector(s), monitor-prompter;
    • If you need any additional equipment, please inform us two weeks in advance. Otherwise, we don't guarantee it will be provided.
  10. Please consider the following:
    • your talk will be recorded on video
      • it will be broadcasted live on the Internet
      • and published on Youtube
    • A photographer will take photos of you and post them online.

The day before the Conference

  1. If you happen to be in Saint-Petersburg the day before the Conference, please be kind to visit the venue and make sure that:
    • your equipment works and connects to our stuff,
    • we have all you may need for the talk.
  2. We would like to invite you to the special speaker's dinner the evening before the Conference. The details will be available a week in advance.

During the talk

  • Before starting the talk, please make sure you mobile phone is switched off.
  • Please repeat the questions from the audience which are asked without a microphone. This is needed for the video record.
  • You may tell the audience whether the questions are asked during or after the talk.
  • Please reserve about 10 minutes for questions & answers.
  • In case you have any difficulties or inconveniences during your talk, e.g. malfunctioning equipment, you'd like a bottle of water etc. — please tell about that to the track owner or anyone from the staff

Additional Information:

  1. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Andrei Dmitriev ( and Evgenia Ostroumova (
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